Let's save the forest together!

Let’s save the forest together!

In the Portfolio section you can check out some projects that we want to promote and integrate into your lives. The main ingredient that gives value to these projects is layered wood. Layered wood is a finished product derived from massive wood processing, having a good quality superior to raw wood. Using these trusses of layered wood and combined with modern building materials, we offer a personalized design that adapts to the aesthetic feel of any customer.

In order to get to this finite product with special properties, the wood parks a long way. Based on the exploitation permit issued by the Forestry District, cuts are carried out in the areas of the exploitation parks, and the resulting wood mass reaches the logs. Here the logs are sorted and prepared for deburring. The timber resulting from the log processing reaches the thermal treatment section and remains there until the wood’s moisture balance is reached. After the wood is dry, it can be put into operation. This is where we are dealing with wood.

To achieve all the qualities of the laminated wood, the dry timber is carefully selected and any defect removed (knots, cracks, resin bags, etc.) by a “jointing” of the resulting lamellas and by overlapping several layers we reach the desired result.

Maybe you are wondering what link the title of the article “Codru-i frate cu romanul” has to do with this description. We all know that wood is a renewable raw material, but this raw material is not inexhaustible. We often find helpless in cutting down forests, in disasters left behind by machines, in hills left without any trees. Even if the wood processed by us comes from economic operators who take responsibility for the replanting of the deforested areas, we can not stand idly. We love nature and that is why we have proposed that every meter of wood cubes that will reach our clients to plant 10 seedlings. We want together with the support of the Forestry Forest in our area to identify the places where reforestation is necessary and in the optimal planting period to put our mark on the environment.

Since our project for the production and trading of the wood is mainly addressed to the physical platforms who want a small quantity of laminated wood that they can not buy from the big suppliers, they only deliver large quantities, we are confident that together with you we can plant hundreds of seedlings per year that will provide a healthy ecosystem for nature and for future generations.

For us, working with wood and making unique objects is not a business, it is passion. From this passion is born the responsibility towards nature, towards the client.

We plan to stratify, we plant to stratify!


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  • Schiau Sebastian

    Foarte interesant articolul!

  • George Damian

    Interesanta initiativa, ma bucur sa vad astfel de lucruri si in Romania!

    Asteptam cu entuziasm prima actiune de plantatie.


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